Pharoahe Monch | Damage (2012 Audio)

Mighty Pharoahe drops by the newest track off of his PTSD Project. He flipped a line from an LL joint (Momma Said Knock You Out) and made it a hot song. Each verse is a different, syllabic, experiment in flow. He even slant verses the second verse by switching  styling after 8 bars, and then again 4 bars later. This sort of dexterity is not uncommon for Monch but the delivery adds to the thematic element of the song. As tumultuous and varied as his flow is; similarly volatile and uneasy are the situations in the streets that he references. His homage to the violence within inner cities and the bullet ridden landscapes that plague the people (especially the youth) in these environments reminds us that: personification of bullets is sometimes the most direct way to acknowledge the epidemic.

Check out the other tracks in the trilogy:

– Organized Konfusion’s “Stray Bullet”  (1994)

– “When The Gun Draws.” (2007) off of Pharoahe’s Desire album.


Antonio Cortez Appling


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