Murs x 9th Wonder | Tale of Two Cities

“There’s two sides to my city/ A red and blue side to my city…”

 This is the endearing hook to the latest release from Murs and 9th Wonder. The two are gearing up for their last release as a unit, The Final Adventure, which is slated to hit retailers and internet music shops on November 13th. This track touches the dichotomy of gang life that still plagues Los Angeles, CA. Though gang members have stopped wearing color coded garments (due to [always obvious] high visibility) the violence and ensuing conflict is still prevalent. Artists like Kendrick Lamar chronicle this in their work frequently. Murs has always done an apt job at using storytelling and imagery to frame the streets of “Lost Angels.” His voice is as relevant today as it was as a stand out member of the Living Legends crew. 9th provides that Momma-listening-to-her-records or Pops-rolling-in his-Cadillac-Brougham production.

“Imagine if we all unified in my city?”



Antonio Cortez Appling


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