Ahmad | Thankful (2012 Audio)

While this is not a forum to discuss r&b, I just could not pass up the opportunity to promote what Ahmad is doing via his indie label, WeCLAP.  How apropos that Ahmad is singing about the Thankfulness he possesses even in times of turmoil as we approach Thanksgiving.  From the sound of it, he is still going through it; I say still because ‘mad has shared some of his more recent ups and downs on The Death of Me, his sophomore solo album (buy it HERE).

Much of my adolescence was affected by Ahmad’s Back in the Day and much of my current “success” as an artist and as a journalist is, at least in part, due to inspiration derived from his most recent album and his performance of said album at Lyrical Skoolyard two years ago.  My review of that concert was the article that kicked off SAC’s blog and has led to where we are now.  Peace to Ahmad and WeCLAP!

Peace and Love,



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