Swerve & SYG | Love, Loss, Interlude.. prod. D-Rock (2012 Audio)

Swerve & SYG prep their fans for Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2 with  Love, Loss, Interlude.. and it goes down smooth.  Swerve opens up with some metaphysical rhymes about life and art in which he bares his soul.  Then on the chorus the duo allows the listener sit in the uncomfortable tension created by questions of whether or not success will be achieved, even after all of the hard work.  SYG then touches on similar subject matter – the difficulties that are all too common to the blue collar artist who sits in the no man’s land between commercial success and obscurity.  Stay tuned for the release of Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2; the aging process is nearing an end and the contents of the barrel is guaranteed to warm the soul of the hip hop connoisseur through the coldest of winters.

Peace and Love,


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