Makeshift | Cali (prod. by Makeshift) (2012 Audio)



SD emcee, producer and all around hip hop renaissance man, Makeshift, recently released Cali, an unorthodox approach to a song dedicated to the west coast’s hip hop epicenter. This release is timely as it would be a perfect travel companion during a rainy day in the sunshine state. King Choosey definitely touches on a wide range of trivia associated with Cali, but is sure to make sure that our staples are covered: sun drenched palm trees, weed and women. This track is a precursor to his forthcoming Left Field LP and happens to be a track that just didn’t make the cut for one reason or another, but Cali is most definitely representative of the quality and authenticity of Makeshift’s music, both as a producer and an emcee.




Peace and Love,


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