Swerve & SYG | I Have Love prod. Heikki Hoo (2012 Audio)


I have a soft place in my heart for anything that has to do with whiskey and Swerve & SYG don’t disappoint with their second single off of the soon to be available Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey.  Piano and smooth bass puts you in a mahogany and smoke filled bar, while well placed lyricism warms the soul.  Bluesy hip hop that makes you feel good with just enough grimy wordplay to let you know this is grown man business – the business of life and finding a definition for the words love and hate and trying to see love through to the end.  While samples and vocal overlays verge on overdone they are just enough to keep you intrigued. Nowadays it’s easy to get your hands on good music, but a great product is an investment so feel free to support the art by donating as much as you can to their project – you can click on the album art to navigate to Swerve & SYG’s Bandcamp.com site to purchase the track.

-Lord Lave


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