S.A.C. Quarterly | Volume 2 | Fall 2012

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It is with a truly satisfying sense of accomplishment and growth with which SAC presents its second quarterly (does that make it a bi-annual?) for 2012. We have grown from roughly 2,500 hits in 2011 to 12,000 hits in 2012, we have seen our writers contribute to GoodVibeSD.com and TRUE Magazine, we have added five or six intern bloggers for 2013 (which will mean we actually begin to cover a good percent of our submissions – I still have over 400 in my inbox to go through from 2012) and the SoulAnchorCollective label became an official business as well. All thanks to God’s grace through our readers and a growing queue of talented and skilled artists and PR companies, eager to pay respect to, grow and improve hip hop music and culture.

SAC would like to thank the following people/entities for a beautiful 2012:

God, our wives/husbands, children, bf’s/gf’s, friends and family for all of the loving support. We would like to thank Kid Riz – Lyrical Skoolyard, Mike and Jiji Corvington – Urban Underground, Praverb The Wyse – Praverb.net, David Hill and everyone at TRUE Magazine, Vester “Problem” Crowels – Beat Shop, One Imagination, Wanja Lange – I Still Love H.E.R., Olivia Dikambi – I Am PR, Henry Murphy, Humble Beast, Drank and Dank, Breakbeats & Rhymes Radio, OrganizedThreat, Rhymesayers, Mello Music Group, Wax Poetics and everyone else hustlin’ around the clock to make sure that the behind the scenes of hip hop takes place so that the artists can make music!

Josiah Panella, DJ Artistic, Blame One, DJ Admnt, Tony Sleez, Ahmad, Darren G, Sojourn, Beatsmith Resist, Rebels to the Grain, Mr. Brady, DJ Hektik, DJ Nu-Mark, Fashawn, Avi the most high, J.Sharif, Generik and Anek, Mike Snow, Makeshift, Tyler Nelson, Nicholas Hunt, Swerve, Swerve & SYG, ItsTope, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Beautiful Eulogy, Xperience (XP), Grieves and Budo, Brother Ali, Jean Grae, Rashad Tha Poet, Blu, Exile, Johaz, Dag Savage, Shad, MC Trankwel, Childish Gambino, Murs, 9th Wonder, SadatX, Duke Westlake, Trek Life, Pharoahe Monch, Te-Money, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Sage Francis, Poetic Death, Phora, Gavlyn, Vel the Wonder, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Apollo Brown, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas, and everyone else puttin’ their souls on wax, providing us with quality listening.

Peace, Love and a blessed 2013,


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