Swerve & SYG | Pay Day: No Idea (Swerve) prod. DJ Mentos (2012 Audio)

As we near tax deadlines and recover from holiday spending, we all have our eyes fixed on pay day. Swerve & SYG let us know that they are right there with us with their new series titled Pay Day. Swerve will be putting out tracks on the first and SYG on the fifteenth of each month, giving you something other than $ to look forward to to help you get through the grind every two weeks. Swerve puts rhymes as heavy as the weight of economic stress atop a melodramatic jazzy beat by long time collaborator DJ Mentos, an excellent intro to an album dedicated to getting from the first to the fifteenth and back to the first again. Be encouraged knowing that we are all in this together. Listen. Enjoy. Share.

Peace and Love,


***If you would like to listen to more music by Swerve & SYG, click the links below:

1. Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey

2. I Have Love prod. Heikki Hoo

3. Love, Loss, Interlude.. prod. D-Rock


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