Soul Anchor Collective is Moving!

SAC would like to announce that we are moving from to!!! We have been taking “a critical look at hip hop” and growing our label for two years now and we have finally decided to take the leap and purchase our official domain in the hopes that by and through the grace of God we might continue to grow and flourish as a unique yet connected voice inside the hip hop community. We are excited that, come February first, you will no longer come here to visit us, rather you will go to There we have a streamlined platform where you will be able to access everything we have to offer now, and more.

READERS: we will continue to post new content, but it will not be accessible until the launch.

ARTISTS/PROMOTERS: we would encourage you to continue to send music and videos. We will continue to listen and post during this “down” time and all new content will be visible on Feb 1.

FANS: our music and videos will be accessible at the new site, but we will also continue to use to share and sell our music.

This is a huge step and we have each of you to thank for the time, energy and encouragement to take it.

See you February 1st

Peace and Love,




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