Amari Mar feat. Jadin Shropshire | Mic Wreckers (2012 Video)

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Amari Mar is steady grinding out of Brooklyn. He has aligned himself with great people within the hip hop realm. His new mixtape features a slew of thoughtfully penned tracks about city life and societal conatrains. With this track he and his crony Jadin go in on all types of topics from lyrical fortitude to acknowledging “conscious rapper” labels. Overall, the track has a cool, independent, city vibe to it eh inch facilitates nostalgia and alignment. Jadin is reminiscent of the late Big L in his vocal quality and delivery choices. For more… Amari just put out a mixtape called Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broththat is hosted by the legendary Kool G Rap. Feel free to peep the project and look for an album review coming soon.


Antonio Cortez Appling


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