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L!STED is a busy producer/engineer/director out of Los Angeles, California.  They say you are the company you keep, and if that holds weight, then L!STED is a force to be reckoned with, as he runs in circles with SD emcee/producer Makeshift and their OTHRWRLD affiliates, all of which have real substance to contribute to hip hop culture.  Here, with Pyramid Scheme, L!STED flexes first and foremost his skill as a producer, creating a soundscape which could set the backdrop for emcees ranging from the most successful mainstream artists to the rawest underground cats to touch the mic, showing he has the ability to cater to a wide audience while maintaining the integrity needed to be respected by that broad an audience.  With ambient textures, and percussive drive to guide those textures, this track almost draws a montage of serious images out of the mind of the listener, while remaining somewhat optimistic.  Oh, and did I mention that L!STED also filmed and edited the accompanying video?  With a start like this, as well as a recently released project with Pistol McFly & VerBS (click link below), and four tracks on Makeshift’s forthcoming Left Field LP, L!STED seems destined to be, well, listed, as one of 2013’s top underground producers.  Watch.  Share.  Enjoy.

Peace & Love,



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