Pistol McFly & VerBS | Nuff Said prod. L!STED (2013 EP)

OTHRWRLD’s entire crew is already On One and we are only one month into 2013.  Nuff Said is an EP by three of the creme de la creme in Los Angeles’ hip hop scene.  Pistol McFly & VerBS are playfully witty atop the classic yet progressive sample chops of L!STED.  The EP opens with a track that feels like a slow motion march of three superstars into a stadium filled with fans hungry for the musical buffet served up by all three, Pistol, VerBS and L!STED.  As Pistol McFly & VerBS narrate the rest of the album (including L!STED once again on the second to last track), they have a way of making socially aware references embedded in swaggering (the real use of the word, not “swag”) braggadocio, bravely walking the fine line between the sounds of conscious hip hop and commercial rap.  L!STED’s production keeps the project unified and rooted, giving the two emcees the freedom to play with words.  I would like to suggest “stand out” tracks, but the EP is one of those that you just have to listen to straight through, nuff said.

Peace and Love,



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