Devine Carama | Take it in Blood (2013 Audio)

Good to know there are still real emcees out there – Devine Carama of Lexington, KY keeping underground hip hop alive with a religious inspiration. If you don’t know about Carama then this is a great introduction to his lyrical style. His Nas tribute track, Take It In Blood is Devine’s classic twist on an already timeless song – delivery and cadence on point. The video directed by 2 Mello, who is also responsible for the whole Nas tribute project, brought simple scenes of the city. The intro to the video made me wish I was in the studio while the track was being recorded.

I also checked out “the Populist Pulpit” a Last Cavalry Film; turned out to be my favorite track from the obviously seasoned MC. Real smooth on the fashion tip, enjoy the fact that he’s not trying to hard, still swave and spitting knowledge to the people. That track covered everything from black females seen as the queens they truly are, but tainted by a material world, to the nation of youth running after jewels becoming thieves. It struck me and always speaking on the Lord. Track starts of so w, beautiful scene transition and giving the people what they need. This was the final single and loan visual off the album “Blood Of A Slave”

Devine Carama, music for the soul.



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