Devine Carama | White Girl Lost ft. Marcus McClinton (2013 Audio)

White Girl Lost by Devine Carama featuring Marcus McClinton, a flip of Nas’s Black Girl Lost, is an enlightening song that offers fact-telling, as much as storytelling, about the common stereotypes attributed to Black men in our supposedly “post-racial” society. This song is not a remix. It is a reminder of what is often forgotten that stereotypes are misleading and prejudiced by definition.

In White Girl Lost, Devine provides a smooth flow with intricate rhyme schemes that not only keep us guessing what the next end-rhyme is, but captivate us to learn what happens next in his verses about young white girls infatuated by what is said about Black men, not what is true. Accompanied by Marcus McClinton’s subtle yet soulful voice and 2 Mello’s own take on the sample of Stephanie Mill’s Starlight, this track is reminiscent of and pays full tribute to Black Girl Lost, while at the same time, offers a fresh perspective about racial misconceptions.

After listening, I hope you are left with the same message I picked up: It is not that stereotypes are not true. It is that they are incomplete.

-Eddy M. Gana Jr.


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