Yoshi | Listen Up (2013 Video)

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On MTV.com‘s “Most Popular Videos,” climbing the charts and even surpassing artists like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Snoop Lion, 2Chains, Alicia Keys, and Skrillex, is Yoshi, with his new video “Listen Up.”

I remember long ago, a day when Hip Hop videos would play on MTV, but with the change in the music industry and pop music distribution nowadays, I now would never think, Hip Hop artists (not even well known ones) would ever come up on such a site like MTV, let alone climbing their Most Popular Video section. 

One of the most positive, bright, happy and cleansing personalities I have ever met, his music does nothing less. To such comfort, “Listen Up” soothes the very place in my heart that made me fall in love with Hip Hop so many years ago. Aggressively beautiful, strong, grounding, and positive, no other artist today that I have heard can nestle so connectively in the bond of artists in my “Real Hip Hop” playlist. 

I hesitate to say the Yoshi’s time should have been in the mid to late 90’s, because there is such a need for his kind now. This is where Hip Hop lives in its organic form today. As if he was one of the founders brought to us present day, Yoshi composes the old Hip Hop we know anew. 

This is Hip Hop



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