Lyric Jones | Reasons Why feat Phene (2013 Video)

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Reasons Why by Lyric Jones featuring Phene speaks to every artist who strives towards happiness and success. With Lyric Jones and Phene’s introspective verses, accompanied by Marcotiks’s smooth funk production and concluded by DJ Dub Floyd’s turntablism, this track is reminiscent of 90s Hip Hop. For this sole reason, the play button deserves to be hit like a series of 808 kick drums.

Phene’s verse offers insight into the music industry with his punchline deliveries about having the tenacity and determination to succeed while still remaining true to who he is. Furthermore, Lyric Jones’s verse and hook delve into her natural curiosity as a human being to seek out the reasons why things are the way they are, like “Why’s the earth round?”, “Why’s the sky blue?”, or “Why didn’t that job hire me?”, and inevitably with more questions to come, she asserts her readiness for a destiny unforeseen as an up-and-coming emcee. All in all, both lyricists are stylistically different in the content of their verses and in the way they flow, but that diversity allows the song to feel whole by providing an inclusive look into why artists love to create music. Thus to end this song with some words of wisdom, infinitely better said than Drake’s motto, DJ Dub Floyd scratches these bits of lyrics from emcees foremcees, and everybody that hustles, to remember and live by:

“I did it my way.
One life to live so live it the best you can.”

– Eddy M. Gana Jr.


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