Spectac & Shakim | For the People (2013 Album)

An all around well thought-out, touching piece of hip hop. The variety of sample-based beats make it feel like you are being transported to the studio with fellow hip hop heads.  The album comes strong out of the gates with social commentary as well as get-hype tracks. The first track, Emancipation, takes the time to honestly reflect on the world we live in and, Moment of Truth, feels like you are listening in on a cypher of conscientiousness that eloquently relates the thoughts that plague us all. For the People is laced with well thought-out skits that bring me back to the 90’s; I appreciate the deeper insights these moments in the album bring. The later tracks on For The People mimic the ardent analysis those of the beginning do, but center themselves around the interpersonal relationships of the MCs and the society they live in. The title track, followed by Gone with the Wind sets your heart strings on edge. Deeply emotional samples and smooth flows make the music touch your soul.  This highly emotional, focused production carries you to the end of the album and rounds out a beautiful piece of art. 
This well-rounded, honest, hip hop head album, For the People, will make you think hard and smile harder, knowing Spectac & Shakim are still holding down this art.
-lord Lave

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