Von Pea & Aeon | Pessimistic (2013 Audio)

Aeon tickles the listeners’ eardrums right off the bat with a tight kick and a bassy, ambient-yet-in-your-face sample that cries pessimism.  Now, I am quite optimistic that any music lover, hip hop head or not, can and will appreciate the authenticity here.  Pessimism is Von Pea & Aeon’s lead single off of their Duly Noted EP, slated to release next week on KevinNottingham.com‘s HipNott Records (click HERE to pre-order the EP).  This duo, as with every emcee/producer duo on HipNott, has a legendary, nay, LESSONDARY, chemistry that only amplifies the dopeness of each of the individual artists.  Pessimistic feels like the melancholy stream of consciousness jottings of a self-aware, socially attuned emcee nestled between the underground and the mainstream.  Von Pea & Aeon, artists I need to pay attention to, duly noted.

Peace and Love,



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