Trek Life | Just the Music prod. Duke Westlake (2013 Song)

Duke Westlake opens the door to an intimate place where listener and artist can connect in a meaningful way. The sample used, coupled with the drums and bass line, are mellow enough to be comfortable but energetic enough not to sleep on Trek Life’s love letter to music. The lead single from Trek Life and Duke Westlake’s Hometown Foreigner serves as a thesis statement for the album – “it’s just the music.” If you come for more or less, look elsewhere. There is no glitz and glam, fancy production (please don’t read beyond the word “fancy”, because Duke Westlake is a ridiculously phenomenal and forward moving/thinking producer), nor pop appeal.  There IS meaning, thoughtfulness, honesty and, of course, good music.  Now that you are aware that Trek Life is all about the music for the music’s sake, be sure to cop Hometown Foreigner HERE to get a glimpse into the mind of an authentic artist as he deals with the mixed reactions to that authenticity.  Mello Music is a force to be reckoned with.

Peace and Love,


Check these guys out live:



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