A.Sims | What Dreams May Come, Vol. 1 (2013 EP)

Rhapsody captures A.Sims expressing his views on life as “a former fornicator to a speaker of the truth,” and battling the hell in his homeland. The hook draws from the actual definition of the word rhapsody which is “effusive enthusiastic praise”, while also invoking thought “if I was blind would I dream in song?” Simply put, he is poetic. A.Sims also touches on what he views as the overpopulation of trendy, less talented rappers who rely on beats to attract listeners, “I don’t want to be the flavor of the month.” Overall this is a solid song with a great beat that works well without being overpowering, which allows you to listen to the words as well as appreciate the music accompanying them.
The next track, Where the Wild Things Are, has some good word play, a solid beat and a good message.  What begins as a barrage of clever lyrics ends with the most positive of messages. The hook contains samples of movies, the most poignant being, “we are the music makers.” While the first verse is a lyrical exercise, the second starts similarly but Sims then questions the need for beefing, and gangbanging, and ends up with some cleverly worded scripture. Overall this is a good song, with an engaging and hypnotizing beat that seems to enhance the words without drowning them out.
Whether you are new to Commoners& Kings, or an avid fan, this album deserves a listen. The album contains the two songs and their respective instrumentals, along with a bonus instrumental.
This project is worthy of repeated listens, so play it loud and spread some second hand hip hop.

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