The Stereo Boyz | Live From The Ghettoblaster (2013 Album)

First song, my first click to play The Stereo Boyz’s Live From The Ghettoblaster – the first track, Circus Act, brought immediate excitement. I pictured Spike Lee’s Bamboozled revisited and  the trailer playing to a track as a preview –  Circus Act would be that track. It clearly reflects today’s music industry. The Stereo Boyz introduce themselves as a part of the ‘rap’ industry circus act, challenging our listening habits, while they are more like the Dead Presidents of the circus crew, taking on the clown make-up in rebellion against it, reviving the representation of real Hip Hop.

I gotta say I admire their style. Not only do they each have a great sound, but the production on the entire album (two big thumbs plus toe-thumbs up) is so telling of their movement; high energy and an album cover reminiscent of the early 90’s, with cocky confidence and content by the young generation today, whilst still rooted in Hip Hop’s foundation. It’s the perfect anthem for the marginalized, that very well should be blasted globally. Real instruments, jokes, fun, stories, perfectly placed positivity with the utmost seriousness, lyrical talent, and a Hip Hop state of mind – this is the group that should be heavily marketed and mass distributed to the general population. They should be today’s new Run DMC. Every track makes you wish you were having fun, hanging out or joining them in the movement.

They surely are the voice of Detroit streets, that and more. My personal favorites: Circus Act, Gunman, and the bonus track, Metal Gear Solid.

I have a feeling this album will reveal something new to like about it each time it plays. Ya, I bought it. You should too.

This is Hip Hop,



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