Soul Anchor Collective Video Interview Series #1 | Trek Life – Hometown Foreigner

[sz-youtube url=”” /]

Soul Anchor Collective is a true supporter of all things Mello Music, and how can any hip hop head not at least recognize the fact that they are putting out some of the best real hip hop right now? This “real” hip hop might be labelled, as Trek Life calls Duke Westlake’s production in the video above, as futuristic boom bap. The album was released last week and we reviewed it HERE; after the review, we reached out to Trek Life and he agreed to being interviewed before his Store 13 listening session. Hit play and get acquainted with an artist who is in transition from Hometown Foreigner to hometown hero.

A special thanks to Trek Life, Duke Westlake and Store 13.

S/O to Hawdwerk and Jansport J!

Peace and Love,


Catch Trek Life and Duke Westlake live and direct:



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