Throwback Thursday | Blackalicious | Alphabet Aerobics (1999 Audio)

[thaudio href=’’%5D07 Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2 1_2 Minute Workout)[/thaudio]

Imma bring it back for you folks.

I was reminiscing on my trip to China as a youngster in 9th grade, listening to Blackalicious in the airplane, on my walkman. Lo and behold, a member of Blackalicious was sitting behind me, on the same tour as I. I peed myself a little.
I was listening to some of the new music from rap artists of today, and discovering how much I despise it when rappers talk about themselves, constantly, and even more aggravating, doing so whilst lacking creativity (I mean, true artistic intelligence). I tried to think of a single song I was a fan of that was entirely the artist talking about themselves. Quickly thought of,Alphabet AerobicsĀ by Blackalicious.
Awing and ironically humble, this is a perfect model of how a rapper can talk so highly of themselves putting all the rest so far down. All the while, the meaning of the lyrics is a testament to the vanity, making it an understatement to the artists talent and skill.
So much is to be said of Blackalicious and vocalist member, Gift of Gab’s, talent. I only meant to comment, to the rappers of today, if you so ever choose to act on vanity for the sake of commercial hype, or “swag,” this is how you do it.
This is Hip Hop,

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday | Blackalicious | Alphabet Aerobics (1999 Audio)

  1. I don’t mind mcs talking about their life and experiences, but people constantly rapping about what great mcs they are has always bothered me. Even the greats fall into that. I’m like, “yo, can you step away from the mirror for a minute?” If you are great, it will come out in your lyrics and the fact that your music speaks truth and helps people. You don’t need to tell us. Let the content speak for you. Let’s get humble. I’m pretty egotistical myself. help me with your raps.

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