Aceric | Ephemeroptera (2013 EP)

I presume few will know what Ephemeroptera means, so let me first point you in the right direction – my second favorite track on this EP is the title track, sort of, Mayfly. Mayflies are something like dragonflies, which then leads us toward all kinds of allusions to be made by the title of this heady EP. Speaking of heady, “aceric” actually means “derived from the maple” according to multiple dictionaries, which is a fun little fact behind the moniker of this Canadian emcee who has embedded his heritage in his name. This is bookworm rap, near its finest. It would be hard to believe if Aceric didn’t list Sage Francis as one of his lyrical mentors, being it feels very much like Aceric’s witty, deep, intricate lyrics are akin to those of Sage, which is a huge compliment. That being said, it feels like Aceric is finding his voice here – to use the mayfly metaphor, he is a naiad, still developing and growing the wings which will one day allow him to soar. On both Sundowners and Mayfly we see the potential this young emcee possesses and what we are in for as he continues to pursue excellence in his craft. Listen. Enjoy. Share.

Peace and Love,



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