Mvstermind Einstein | 80-D (2013 Audio)

I drove across country for the first time, and somewhere in the middle of the drive, I went deep in thought about how much life I was passing, hiding behind the green trees and marsh of the south. When I finally got home, I came to find a submission in my inbox from Mvstermind Einstein for a song called 80-D off his A.D.D. album. The song had a very well put together video of him and the others featuring on the track walking through what seemed like the same trees and shrubbery I was driving past. I felt like I got a taste of what I was missing, driving by.

It’s one of those songs you could play on repeat almost endlessly. I have to say, Im intrigued by this artist (I stress the word artist). His play on words and view on life and his so-called “condition” (I’d rather say gift smartly utilized) is a model for so many others. I could have sworn by the professional quality of his album he must have spent some big bucks on studio rental (yes, he is his own producer, as well as record label, among other roles). I could have also gone as far to assume an extensive trained background in music and writing to make such eclectic and musically sound tracks. Although his training and education is underway, I can’t give his education credit for his raw talent. He is simply and complicatedly brilliant. And brilliance in Hip Hop should be celebrated.

This guy is a one of a kind, and needs to stay busy. He can carry a massive load of dropped weight in Hip Hop throughout the years. Spread his music. There is a lot more to come out of this artist. He is a powerhouse.

This is Hip Hop



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