Swerve & SYG | Pay Day (2013 EP)

Swerve & SYG’s lyrical tenacity and graceful delivery provide a listening experience that is reminiscent of everything cherished and missed of the golden days of Hip Hop Jazz. In collaboration with a multitude of unique producers (such as Melaz, Gloam, D-Rock, Profound, Vanilla, DJ Mentos, Earl Grey, Rise Sovereign, and Jansport J), The Pay Day EP concludes Swerve & SYG’s series of the same name.

They challenge mainstream bandwagoners and push the social consciousness of underground backpackers everywhere with their three entirely new songs, in addition to remixed versions of previously released songs. Although the entitled album may allude to the rewards of money, this EP is not about getting paid; it provides a reality check for listeners to bounce back from feelings of angst, torment, and vulnerability. Certain tracks, like “‘Til The Sun,” “No Lifeguard on Duty,” “Have Mercy,” and “Where Can You Go?” are priceless reminders of why stories are worth sharing – because life is valued not by the amount of morals one has, but by the risks taken without regret. A risk not taken is an opportunity missed, and Swerve & SYG are honest with their mistakes, that the flaws make life perfect, and therefore, have made them better as Hip Hop artists and as people because they can rewrite a story of misfortune into a message of hope.

Conveying positive themes of persistence and life lessons learned, The Pay Day EP is the type of feel-good album that is meant to be listened to with the car windows rolled down, speakers on blast, and the seats tilted back for a vivid cruise down the memory lanes of Swerve & SYG. Close your eyes, listen, and enjoy the scenery.

– Eddy M. Gana Jr.


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