Tryin’ to Find a Balance…

It seems that I, and thus we, have hit another wall. About a month or so ago I found myself spread entirely too thin as I was hustling to invest in my relationships with God, my lovely wife, my beautiful little boy, my church, my band (thePiecemakers), hip hop in general and everything that Soul Anchor Collective is attempting to encompass. Needless to say, it was difficult and I fell short… a lot. So, two iPhones in water, no articles written and laser-focus on a few things later and I am energized and have a newfound love for simplicity – yet I have complex dreams.

I apologize for the implications of my “trying to find a balance” and figuring things out as I go approach; it means that the blog suffers due to the fact that it naturally falls fairly low on life’s priority list – please don’t misinterpret me, hip hop is an integral part of my life, but it is not the hill I will die on. I thank everyone who supports the SAC movement and those who continue to roll with the proverbial punches. We hope to continue delivering thoughtful reviews as we continue to create music and contribute to hip hop culture in various ways outside of journalism.

Here are some of the goings on that have taken place as of late here at SAC:

1. thePiecemakers released their first ep, EP-1

2. DayBoogie released his first mixtape, The Hunger Pains Mixtape

3. iLL Cozby joined the SAC roster officially

4. Each of the above artists shared a stage in San Diego on June 15th at The Lamppost Cafe

5. thePiecemakers and DayBoogie performed at LA’s premier underground venue put on by Urban Underground

6. thePiecemakers (and the now permanent band) will be playing Kavapalooza in San Diego on August 4th (4-5pm)

7. thePiecemakers Band is now creating the music for the forthcoming LP-1

8. I have an interview to release which I conducted with Aceric about two months ago (my bad homie)

9. I have lined up interviews with Baltimore S.O.N./Keno Beats and with Strange (the Lion)

10. TPL is working on the production for my (NathanAnthony) sophomore album

11. PAZ1 and myself were interviewed for the Long Beach Post‘s Summer Music Edition (only in print)

Well, we are working hard on behind the scenes stuff and hopefully will have something to show for it over the course of the next year. Thanks for coming along on this journey with us. A special thanks to all of the artists and labels/PR companies who faithfully supply us with ridiculous amounts of new music to listen to and hopefully review – please keep it coming. Until next time.

Peace and Love,




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