Blame One & J57 | How Much Time’s Left feat. Akie Bermiss (2013 Audio)

Soulspazm Records drops another gem on their Soundcloud page – Blame One & J57’s How Much Time’s Left feat. Akie Bermiss. This emcee/producer super-duo is releasing nothing other than feel-good, soul-stirring hip hop that anyone can enjoy. I pray that one day the youth see the wisdom at their disposal in the words and music of hip hop elders like Blame One and J57 – grown man music here. This track sits right in the pocket of the other two Walk in the Sun singles released so far and is another real life glimpse into the mind of Blame, with an emphasis on the concept of time – a few focused listens is time well spent, both the lyrics and the beautiful soundscape provided by J57. Listen. Enjoy. Share.

Peace and Love,


*I was sleeping for a minute, but here is the second single from Blame & J’s Walk in the Sun slated to drop this month!


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