Strange (the Lion) | Strange After All (2013 Video)

[sz-youtube url=”” /]

SAC met this cat, Strange, at an Urban Underground Weekly event featuring J-Live. We (thePiecemakers) shared the outside patio stage with Strange and he was a definite standout. The innovative sample-based production (which he creates) drew the entire crowd in and the head-nodding was infectious. Strange After All was by far our favorite track – Strange samples some 60’s ranchera – and we are glad to be able to share this video with you. Strange is definitely on the independent underground tip with a limited budget, but what the video lacks in the way of bells and whistles, the honest passion Strange exhibits more than makes up for. This track is something like an introduction to the emcee and SAC sincerely hopes it prepares our readers for what is to come from Strange the Lion. Listen. Enjoy. Share.

Peace and Love,




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