Swerve | Inhale, Exhell. (2013 EP)

Very few emcees work as hard as Swerve. This guy has been pumping out quality albums, ep’s and mixtapes, both alone and teamed up with his affiliate/collaborator SYG – check out our coverage of his/their hustle HERE. With Inhale, Exhell, Swerve continues his stream of blue-collar, working-class, grown-ass-man hip hop and refuses to let his eager listeners down. The intro is fitting and is comfortable for longtime Swerve fans and sets the ball on the tee for both Swerve and Ridla to hit the first track, Break Bread, out of the park. BB sets the hungry, lyricism-centric, tone, which is effortlessly carried out for the entirety of the EP. Swerve has mastered his delivery, both in vocal quality and cadence, and effectually enhanced his confidence (not that he needed to), which demands that he be taken seriously. The entire EP is worth multiple listens. Listen. Enjoy. Share.

Peace and Love,



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