Swerve 916 | Might, As, Well… (prod D-Rock) [Audio]

There have been a handful of accidental, stumbled-upon connections I have made through SAC that make all of the 3am nights writing feel worth it, and Swerve is definitely in that small circle of emcees, emcees who make me want to work harder, as a writer, as a promoter, as an emcee and as a man.

Many have told me that such assertions in my jottings about music that means something to me is too forward, unprofessional, but I figure I Might, As, Well… do what comes naturally as one who aims to share music that touches me on a deep level with my readers, my friends.

Swerve‘s sincere, heavy-hearted, unmistakable flow is as potent as ever and serves him well as the emcee shares a broad-stroked image of his past present and future. The interwoven stories of the man and the artist are distinct, yet absolutely one. Swerve is showing signs of a remarkable amount of maturation and growth as a person and as an artist, and if he stays the course, I can’t help but expect to see him making moves like his NorCal family, Fashawn. That reminds me, that Blu (Fash‘s label-mate) was featured on Sk! H!, another Swerve track produced by D-Rock; check it out HERE.

**If this is your first time hearing Swerve, please click HERE to read/listen to SAC’s coverage of his music**

Peace and Love,



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