Shad & DJ T.LO | Boarding Pass EP [Audio]

This dude. Shad is definitely worth his weight in whatever currency one is worth in Canadian idiomatic phrases… probably gold just like here, but whatever, you get my point. Boarding Pass EP is the perfect, “do I have your attention now?” type EP. DJ T.LO flaunts his ability to dig in the crates and perfectly pairs his vocal and melodic samples with Shad’s content, or vice versa, and the outcome is just right.

Shad is one of those emcees, think in same vein as Common, who can talk about the full topical gamut in one track and yet somehow, even seamlessly, tie the record together with a common thread, usually explicitly shared in his choruses.

Shad stands head and shoulders above any in his class (with a small group of peers), and can hold his own with anyone above or below ground – listen up to what’s on his mind and prepare yourself for his next full-length release.

Peace and Love,



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