Dreaming | Flip (prod) feat. AG (of DITC) [Video]

The good folks over at Ill Adrenaline Records got me privy on the above visuals, and I am better for having received the tweet carrying the sweet sounds of Flip’s perfected production and AG’s honed craft of penning verses. Each time I have listened/watched, I have had to do so at least 3 times because I find myself getting lost in the aural beauty of the track, much like I have done listening to this track as well. The track gets better with every listen and I almost feel inadequate to say too much about this track, it exists on a plane wherein “good” and/or “bad” are simply incongruent, almost foreign. I suggest you enter the world created by Flip and AG and just enjoy being there; there is no need for explaining or classifying that world, simply observing.


Peace and Love,



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