Phora | Before Its Over Pt. 2 [Video]

SAC has been a fan of this young up-and-comer, Phora, for years now (read more HERE), and I just can’t say enough about how he has taken his life experience and used it as a platform to give a generation of kids a voice. While his music is very specifically his, it is also telling the story of countless millennials trying to find hope beyond a broken system handed to them by the previous generation, be it the music industry or the economy. He isn’t simply complaining, he is carving a path to success, which then provides his peers and those looking up to him with a blueprint that can be used to build their futures.

This track is a continuation of Before Its Over, click the link and listen. Give ear to this emotive emcee whose inflection is nothing short of a nod to the late great Tupac “2Pac” Shakur. Young artists like Phora, and those in his camp, give me a bit of peace knowing that the culture will be in good hands when we are gone.

Peace and Love,



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