Nicholas Hunt | The Echelon [Video]

SAC has been eagerly awaiting the re-emersion of Nicholas Hunt (formerly EQ). This young emcee is among the upper Echelon in hip hop right now, and exaggeratedly so when placed alongside others his age. This is, in his words, “a… regenensis”.

The season he spent in the cocoon with his team, the Cypher League, has proven to have been quite a metamorphosis and has provided an even greater level of showmanship, visual quality, and overall production quality.

This video is simply a thesis statement, a claim that he is now in position to make his official move onto the scene, and with bars, cadences, the ability to sing, concepts, etc, he is ready to provide evidence for such a claim. Watch. Enjoy. Share.

Peace and Love,


Check the back catalogue for Nicholas Hunt under his former moniker, EQ, HERE

Also check out Nic’s YouTube channel:


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