Phora | Deeper Than Blood [2015 Video]

There is something special about this young man, Phora, from Anaheim, CA. I know that I dance of the line of redundancy to say that his knack for embodying the voice of his generation–a voice that is audible to generations both before and after him–is uncanny, but I am continually amazed at Phora’s ability to connect, especially on an emotional level, with his audience.

As a high school English teacher, primarily with a population of youngsters in similar circumstances to the focal point in the video, I can’t help but weep, knowing that the pain depicted in this song (even if it doesn’t result in suicide), is real and rests just behind the eyes of a generation hurting.

Phora creates another song that sits comfortably in his discography, a discography that is truly peerless. His ability to rap is evident, but like Tupac, his technical skills are eclipsed by his ability to convey emotion, and Deeper Than Blood is a jewel in the crown of that ability. Listen//Share//Enjoy.

Peace and Love,


Click HERE for more from Phora.


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