Phora | Yours Truly Forever [2015 Kickstarter Documentary]

Purpose is paramount. I have yet to see a young man whose passion is carried out with a sense of purpose that can match that of Phora. In his recently released documentary, which is being used to promote the Yours Truly Kickstarter campaign, Phora discusses the purpose behind his music, as well as how he got to where he is as an artist and a man.

One of my most challenging students, Christian Gutierrez, shared a song with me that meant something to him (it’s years later and I am starting to understand why he connected with Phora’s music so much). Christian shared a painful past and attempted release of that pain through tagging, something like Phora did, and his face absolutely lit up when he told me about Phora. Once you get to the last minute or so of the documentary you will understand why that is significant.

This purposeful young man, hip hop artist and counselor deserves your attention. Please watch the documentary and, if you feel so inclined, click HERE to contribute to Phora and the Yours Truly FAMILY passionately and purposefully pursuing the creation and distribution of music that matters – matters to them, and possibly more importantly, matters to the broken youngsters fining solace and rest therein.

Peace and Love,



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