SAC Artists

are a hip hop group originating from San Diego, California. The duo consists of emcees, KnewBalance and PAZ1, and they are often accompanied by verbal percussionist Noise and DJ Kalamari Beats. They are the flagship artists on the underground, hip-hop label Soul Anchor Collective. Since 2011, they have been performing and sharing their art with anyone who will listen from street corner to stadium. Their first release, “The Golden Era Mixtape” was well received and has afforded them the opportunity to perform throughout California at various venues. With a blend of theology, nineties Boom Bap, and Soul music the PM’s are offering their music to the community as the byproduct of a shared vision. Be on the lookout for their debut EP releasing in 2013 on Soul Anchor Collective Music.

NathanAnthony is a complex emcee/producer originally from San Diego, California and currently residing in Long Beach.  In 2001 he was introduced to spoken word poetry, and, as a hip hop fan, was intrigued by the poets’ ability to play with words and rhythm; and, being that the beat was stripped away, found a heightened love for lyricism.  Inspired by what he saw at the open mic, he went home and scribbled a few decent poems and has been writing into the wee hours of the night since.

NathanAnthony released his debut solo album behind my eyelids in March of 2012 and, one year earlier, released thePiecemakers’ The Golden Era Mixtape alongside PAZ-1, under the moniker KnewBalance (his emcee name as one of thePiecemakers).

NathanAnthony is a child of God, husband to Hanan, father to Malakai, and is currently teaching high school English to 10th, 11th and 12th graders in Los Angeles, the creative director of Soul Anchor Collective, working on thePiecemakers’ first ep, EP-1 (prod. by D.Levon), working on his sophomore album behind my ribcage (prod. by D.Levon) as well as a solo ep titled Bread & Butter (prod. by Josiah Panella).  2012 proved to be a huge year for NathanAnthony and SAC, and 2013 is only looking better!

Antonio Cortez Appling, also known as “PAZ1” originally hails from San Diego, CA by way of Columbus, Ohio. He started performing in his grandmother’s living room in the 80’s and hasn’t stopped. In the early 2000’s he discovered spoken word poetry and developed a close relationship with words; they have an open relationship. Over the years he has featured at multiple open mics, colleges and universities. He is also the founder of The Definitive SoapBox open mic in Long Beach and is a member of the dynamic, hip-hop duo thePiecemakers. Recently plunging into directing, he wrote, created and directed a stage production titled, Freedom Is A Voice. In his spare time he teaches high school English for Soledad Enrichment Action Charter Schools and is an active member of Redemption Church. As a part of SAC he will be focused on writing articles and reviews and cultivating new artists.


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