In the months preceding November of 2010, I, NathanAnthony, found myself discontent with the repressed creativity that dwelt in my limbs.  In an attempt to find solace in change, I interviewed for a position at the San Diego Union Tribune.  After a couple of minutes, I, and my interviewer, knew that the open position was not right for me (or vice versa), but he insisted on giving me a tour of the news room and the printing press.  As we walked through the cloud of ideas floating in the room with the sweet sound of keystrokes carried to our ears on those very clouds, I began to feel a part of me that had been suffocating, breathe for the first time in a long time.  We parted ways and tears began to run down my cheeks as I crossed the parking lot to my car.  I had to write.

Encouraged by my wife, as well as a good teacher friend of mine (TPL), I decided to begin a blog.  I love hip hop and figured this would also provide another avenue through which I could interact with a culture that believe runs in my veins as surely as blood does.  Ahmad, an emcee I had looked up to for a long time, and whose most recent album, The Death of Me, I had been listening to, was playing at some venue in the North County of SD.  I went. I fell in love with hip hop… again.  I went home that night and wrote THIS.  That night set me on the course that has led me, and my friends and family, to create Soul Anchor Collective.

SAC began as a gasp for breath and has transformed into a living, breathing entity that, at least I hope, is helping to breathe a little bit of new life into the hip hop community.  We are a blog, a record label, a publishing company, and, more importantly, we are serving the hip hop community through each aspect of SAC.  We are thankful to exist and hope to continue to grow in the coming years.  Thank you for your love and support.


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