Scarface of Geto Boys Speaks on Police Brutality

“If you see it’s fucked up, you got to say it. I don’t give a fuck if you’re white, black, green or brown, you’ve got to say it, ‘hey, that’s fucked up.'”

The Huffington Post released this in May. Scarface, one of the south’s most revered hip hop artists, and one of hip hop’s contenders for the “most underrated” artist of all time, gets emotional about the injustices he sees in America, in the media, in the judicial system.

Do hip hop artists have a responsibility to chime in as Scarface does here? Leave your reply in the comments.

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YG & DJ Mustard | In the Purgatory Between Moderate Success and Stardom [Interview 2013]

Interview was originally written for’s 71st print issue.

Driving north on the 101 through the city of Angels late on a misty winter night, on my way to YGʼs studio near the Hollywood Hills, the city almost feels heavenly. Mesmerized by skyscrapers to the west, partly hidden by ethereal clouds, and the fact that thereʼs no traffic northbound on the 101, I find myself getting comfortable. When, all of a sudden, a mass of illuminated tail lights immediately bring me down to earth, stuck between a drive I was enjoying and my destination – YGʼs modest, yet far above average, home which is nestled between blue collared Thai Town and the extremely wealthy in the foothills just below the iconic Hollywood sign. Continue reading

The Black Eyed Peas | Yesterday [2015 Video]

Real recognize real. We all know BEP is legit, regardless of where you fall in the discussion of whether or not they are “too commercial.” Yesterday reminds listeners why Continue reading

Blu | The Return (Remix) [2015 Video]

Blu dances in my top five emcees of all time. Tracks like this make me wonder why he isn’t more renowned; he has an ability to stir up nostalgia, tell a detailed story and rap flawlessly and The Return is a clear example of such. The visuals only emphasize the nostalgic storytelling and represent the essence of LA/San Pedro/LB so well.

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Phora | Yours Truly Forever [2015 Kickstarter Documentary]

Purpose is paramount. I have yet to see a young man whose passion is carried out with a sense of purpose that can match that of Phora. In his recently released documentary, which is being used to promote the Yours Truly Kickstarter campaign, Phora discusses the purpose behind his music, as well as how he got to where he is as an artist and a man.

Continue reading