The Black Eyed Peas | Yesterday [2015 Video]

Real recognize real. We all know BEP is legit, regardless of where you fall in the discussion of whether or not they are “too commercial.” Yesterday reminds listeners why Continue reading


Blu | The Return (Remix) [2015 Video]

Blu dances in my top five emcees of all time. Tracks like this make me wonder why he isn’t more renowned; he has an ability to stir up nostalgia, tell a detailed story and rap flawlessly and The Return is a clear example of such. The visuals only emphasize the nostalgic storytelling and represent the essence of LA/San Pedro/LB so well.

Peace and Love,


Phora | Yours Truly Forever [2015 Kickstarter Documentary]

Purpose is paramount. I have yet to see a young man whose passion is carried out with a sense of purpose that can match that of Phora. In his recently released documentary, which is being used to promote the Yours Truly Kickstarter campaign, Phora discusses the purpose behind his music, as well as how he got to where he is as an artist and a man.

Continue reading

Nicholas Hunt | The Echelon [Video]

SAC has been eagerly awaiting the re-emersion of Nicholas Hunt (formerly EQ). This young emcee is among the upper Echelon in hip hop right now, and exaggeratedly so when placed alongside others his age. This is, in his words, “a… regenensis”. Continue reading

Phora | Before Its Over Pt. 2 [Video]

SAC has been a fan of this young up-and-comer, Phora, for years now (read more HERE), and I just can’t say enough about how he has taken his life experience and used it as a platform to give a generation of kids a voice. While his music is very specifically his, it is also telling the story of countless millennials trying to find hope beyond a broken system handed to them by the previous generation, be it the music industry or the economy. He isn’t simply complaining, he is carving a path to success, which then provides his peers and those looking up to him with a blueprint that can be used to build their futures. Continue reading