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I, NathanAnthony, founder and creative director of SAC (and high school English Teacher), have been collaborating with my students in hopes of creating and EP titled, Unorthodox Education.  I currently have a student creating the melody for each of the 5 guitar-based beats and have 4 students prepared to write verses, as well as a fellow teacher ready to write a verse or two (PAZ-1 and I teach at the same school).  Soul Anchor Collective Music will then mix down the EP and make it available at our Bandcamp.com site HERE.  The EP will sell for $5.00 and that money, combined with the generous donations of SAC affiliates such as yourself, will provide SAC Youth with the funds necessary to start a non-profit by the acquisition of our 501(c)(3).  I thank God for you and for the privilege of caring for and discipling the youth in both life and hip hop.  Your donation is appreciated and will be used with integrity simply as a means to provide guidance, education and the development of a craft.  Thank you.

Peace and Love,




One thought on “S.A.C. Youth

  1. Much respect for this beautiful move ! Our world needs that type of common effort. I would like to talk about it on my blog in any format possible. Let’s talk about it. peace

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