Staff Writers:

NathanAnthony is the founder and Creative Director of SoulAnchorCollective.  He created SAC first and foremost to invest in what he believes to be a God-given skill he has with words.  After a confusing interview at a newspaper he became resolved to use this gift and the first phase, the blog, of SAC was borne.  NA continues to write critically about hip hop that suits his tastes and has done so so well that he has landed writing positions for both and  SAC’s blog has gone from a small blog that writes about Urban Underground Weekly and the Lyrical Skoolyard, to a medium sized blog that still writes about those venues that have helped it to grow, but we also receive over 100 music/video submissions each week, encouraging us that we are on the right track.  NathanAnthony looks forward to a promising 2013 as a writer, emcee, producer and Creative Director.

SAC is currently looking for writers. If you are a gifted writer and a fan of good hip hop, then please click HERE to apply for an intern position. Once you successfully navigate the internship, you will have the option of joining me in writing about the music and culture we love. It is important, as fans, to not simply consume, but to also create content in our sub-culture; hip hop’s future depends on it. Thanks.


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