Rick Ross x Andre 3000 | Sixteen (2012 Audio)

Rick Ross? SAC? Remember when Andre Benjamin used to drop whole songs? Neither do we. He has created an amazing niche in hip-hop off of guest spots. Complex mag recently chronicled the progression of the 3000 features. That UGK track sure started an amazing conspiracy of wordplay. On this track Rick Ross offers his limited flow but Dre really steals the show. Pick this one up at around 3:35 for the real beginning. 3000 is one of the most legitimate emcees of our lifetime and these gifts he blesses us with are more than enough to keep us blogging.

Rick’s new album just dropped, if you’d like to listen to a slew of guest spots that are better than the headliner (Re: 3 Kings).


Antonio Cortez Appling

UPDATE:: Andre 3000 was just announced as the director of the video for this track. Stay tuned! SAC will have the visuals.


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