Yello Blac & Associates | Those Songs I Told You About (2013 Mixtape)

[thaudio href=’′%5DYello Blac | Sunset feat. Styliztik Jones, J-Ro, Ayem Piem prod. Science[/thaudio]

First of all, I would like to send a heartfelt shout out to Yello Blac for his dedication to his listeners – I told him that I would love to hear what he is working on, and to fulfill my request while his album is still being finished, he mailed me a copy of Those Songs I Told You About. Thanks fam!

Let me start off by saying that the production on this mixtape is super dope. YB chooses his beats well and his very west coast flow fits most, if not all, of them well. Yello Blac has an old school-esque cadence which is home for him and a tone that reminds me of someone you might hear from Project Blowed circa ’99 – comfortable. YB touches on just about every subject under the sun and does so with a great deal of pride in his craft and for his coast. YB is accompanied by some amazing features, solidifying the foundational value of his mixtape. If you get a chance, click HERE to connect with Marcellus “Yello Blac” Tucker on Facebook and find out where you can get a copy of Those Songs I Told You About. Consider this a whetting of your appetite in anticipation of his forthcoming album, Whatever Works, which will be available for free via download in the next couple of weeks.

Peace and Love,


[thaudio href=’′%5DYello Blac | Wine Tastin’ feat. Ayem Piem[/thaudio]


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